Meet the Staff

Kate Shewan
Executive Director

Kate joined the Youth Project in 2015, and is excited to be working with a team who is passionate about supporting our LGBTQ+ youth. Active in the LGBTQ+ community for many years, Kate is a strong advocate for the advancement of LGBTQ rights. Kate also serves as treasurer of the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (CPATH) and has previously served as Chair of the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP). In addition to her community involvement, she brings twenty years of finance and accounting experience to her role as Executive Director.

Sheena Jamieson
Support Services Coordinator

Sheena is the Youth Project’s Support Services Coordinator, providing support to youth for issues around sexual orientation and gender identity. She holds degrees in Gender & Women’s Studies (King’s) and Social Work (Dalhousie). Born in Nova Scotia, Sheena’s been a part of The Youth Project for many years, starting as a youth & summer student. Most of the time, you can find her buried in a book or a latte (or both).

Bria MacKinnon
Community Engagement Coordinator

Bria works mainly with gender and sexuality alliances (GSAs) across the province to offer support and resources. She is originally from Cape Breton, where she was involved with the Ally Centre for a number of years, but has called Halifax home for over 7. She has received a BSC in Psychology (Saint Mary’s) and a degree in Therapeutic recreation (NSCC).  Outside of the Youth Project Bria enjoys snowboarding, basketball, and video games.

Skye Cross
Events & Administrative Assistant

Skye joined The Youth Project as a youth in 2012. First joining The Youth Board, she served as co-chair for 3 years. Outside of the office, she is heavily invested in Netflix dramas (Scandal being her favorite), and eating way too many chicken mcnuggets.

Kelly McNeil
Education Coordinator

Kelly joined The Youth Project in 2016 as their Education Coordinator.  She brings to the YP nine years of knowledge and experience as an educator both in Nova Scotia and in China.  She is passionate about human rights and furthering education that emphasizes respect and appreciation for diversity.  When Kelly isn’t nerd-ing out over philosophies of education, she is geeking out over everything from superheroes to board games.  She loves art and the written word; and believes in the power of creativity.

Maddox Greene
Community Educator

Maddox is one of the Community Educators at the Youth Project and has been an advocate for the LGBTQ community for quite some time. He is  originally from Newfoundland but now calls the Darkside home. He attended Saint Mary’s University where he received a degree majoring in Psychology and Sociology. He is now attending the Dalhousie School of Social Work. He was on a committee which created the guidelines ‘Creating Safer Spaces for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth’, which was launched in Nova Scotia in recent years. Things you need to know about Maddox: (1) He is Taylor Swift’s biggest fan and (2) He hopes to somehow grow up to be Spider-man.

Gabriel Enxuga
Community Educator

Gabriel just joined the Youth Project as a community educator. He is very
passionate about social and economic justice. He’s been a long-time advocate
in the queer and trans community, and has also been involved in the
anti-poverty movement and advocating for workers’ rights. He’s currently
studying social work at Dalhousie University. In his spare time he likes to
read books, play Sims 3, and hang out with his cat.